Voodoo Dolls Zouk Club KL

Voodoo Dolls Custom Plush Toys in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

These voodoo dolls are custom made for Zouk Club KL Halloween Special in 2019. The theme for Zouk KL’s 2019 horror anthem is called ‘A Toyol Story’, complete with toys and dolls referencing to Toy Story & Annabelle with a Malaysian Twist, including voodoo doll.

These voodoo dolls are made of white flannel fabric with polyester filling. The right eye and mouth are hand sewn using black thread. The left eye is a button sewn onto the face, to achieve a bit of a dangling effect.

We have made embroidery of Zouk’s ‘Z’ logo on red felt. We added on a pin and a skull on the thigh to match the halloween theme.

The size of this voodoo doll plush toy is about 20cm (height) X 12cm (width).

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