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Cat Drawing to Plush

My daughter had a design that she drew herself. The team at Beehum were very accommodating on our request. Beehum made a great job. My daughter loved the plushy! She's very very happy and can't stop smiling that her drawing character became a plushy.

Great customer service from a Japanese customer
Excellent Customer Service
Masashi Ukai

Excellent customer service from a Japanese customer Thank you for coming today! (We delivered his plush toy in less than a day's notice to his hotel) I was impressed by your great hospitality. It was the best thing in this time trip. I'm sure my niece will like your beautiful toys.

beehum handmade teddy bear plush toy soft toy
Birthday Gift

I want to thank you for the lovely toys that you and your wife has given to my daughter, which are wonderful gifts and which I deeply appreciate. Thank you so much! My daughter liked them very much. She kept the teddy on her desk and other one hanged near the mirror

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Birthday Minecraft Piggy

Wow!!! Impressive. This can't be bought off the shelf...

BeeHum custom made penguin plush toy
Customized Penguin

可以啊,谢谢你. 收到了,赞. 会,喜欢

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Personalized Piggy Sasi Reenah

Hi I received the item and made the remainder payment. Here is a picture of the toy for u. Thank u...its adorable

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Customize Rabbits for Xmas

Somehow u guys managed to get the right color for the right person. And they all love it!! Thks alot Joey, job well done.

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One Big Happy Family

One big happy family. Thk u Beehum

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Ashley & Pink Rabbit

Ashley and her pink rabbit, thanks Beehum

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Lovely Rabbit

Thk u Beehum for the lovely rabbit =) y