Teddy Bear Plush Toy MJ & JM

Teddy Bear Plush Toy

Design: Teddy Bear PHAMTB01
Size: S
Primary fabric: CT4001-5 Cotton Checkered White Light Blue
Secondary fabric: CT3003-3 Cotton Polka Dot Baby Blue White
Ribbon knot: Ribbon bow knot
Add ons: Embroidery Letters ERABLT01 (purple)

Matching colours personalized teddy bear plush toy. Perfect gift for couple. Teddy bear represents love and warmth and is very apt as gift for loved ones. This teddy bear is proprietary design with add ons available, such as embroidery.

Teddy bear plush toy is made of high quality patterned cotton fabric stuffed with polyester fiberfill. The mouth and nose are sewn using yarn. The eyes are made of of beads, sewn onto the head of the teddy bear plush toy.

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