Puppy Plush Toy

Puppy Plush Toy

Cute puppy stuffed plush soft toys for children or decoration. It’s the perfect way to add meaning to the year of the dog in 2018.

Puppy plush toy

The puppy plush toy measures 13cm in height, 12 cm in length and 8cm in width.
The puppy plush toy can be made with 2 types of matching batik fabrics or craft fabrics. This design comes with scarft around the puppy plush toy’s neck.

Its eyes are glued with black bead. The nose of the puppy plush toy is sewn with a black bead. The puppy plush toy is stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

Contact us to order this cute puppy plush toy. We can personalize this puppy plush toy or add woven label for your own branding.

We custom made plush toy or stuffed toy for customers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries as well.

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