Price Guide

Plush Design (1)(2) S M L
Teddy Bear PHAMTB01 MYR 45 MYR 60 MYR 80
Cat PHAMCT01 MYR 45 MYR 60 MYR 80
Dog PHAMDG01 MYR 45 MYR 60 MYR 80
Bunny PHAMRB01 MYR 45 MYR 60 MYR 80
Piggy PHAMPG01 MYR 45 MYR 60 MYR 80
Mouse PHAMME01 MYR 45 MYR 60 MYR 80
Elephant PHAMEP01 MYR 45 MYR 60 MYR 80
Moo Moo Cow PHAMCW01 MYR 45 MYR 60 MYR 80
Flat Stuffed Bear PHAMFB01/2 MYR 20 MYR 30 MYR 45
Premium fabric surcharge (3) from MYR 2 from MYR 4 from MYR 6
Add Ons S M L
Mortar Board MBSESZ01 MYR 8 MYR 9 MYR 10
Veil Fishnet VLPNFN01 MYR 6 MYR 6 MYR 8
Veil Floral Fabric VLFRFB01 MYR 8 MYR 8 MYR 10
Embroidery Letters ERABLT01 MYR 10 MYR 10 MYR 10
Embroidery Chinese ERCTCS01 MYR 15 MYR 15 MYR 15
Embroidery Graphics (4) from MYR 10 from MYR 12 from MYR 15


(1) Standard plush design includes two choices of fabric, buttons, and ribbon around the neck.
(2) Refer to individual fabric for availability. No indication means fabric is adequate for all sizes. Some fabrics are enough to make certain sizes only and some left enough as secondary fabric only.
(3) Fabric of different type, and quality are priced differently. Refer to individual fabric for indication of premium fabric.
(4) The price of graphic embroidery depends on number of colours, complexity, and size. Refer to individual design for indication of price. Not all graphics are applicable for plush size of S and M as they have limited fabric area. We have variety of graphics for embroidery. Please request from us – we may just have what you want!

* All prices are quoted in Malaysian Ringgit. If you require quotation in other currency, please leave a note when you submit for quotation.
* For special order (different size, special features, large quantities, embroidery in different areas, etc.) please indicate in the quotation form or contact us via contact form instead.