Merry Christmas Stocking Custom Sewing

Merry Christmas Stocking Custom Sewing

This Merry Christmas stocking makes a great decor during Merry Christmas. It is also functional where one can put in present into the Merry Christmas Stocking.  It’s suitable for the festive season. This is perfect for any house or office that requires this Christmas decor. It is also perfect gift for the young and old alike.

Merry Christmas Stocking measurement: 32cm (L) x 22cm (W)

it can be made with many types of fabric. This sample is made with Felt, Burlap and decorated with ribbons. The word ‘Merry Christmas’ can be made using embroidery or ornamental sewn on it.

Merry Christmas Stocking

Contact us to order customize or personalize this Merry Christmas Stocking.

Woven label brand can be sewn at the side of the Christmas Stocking.

We also do general sewing for customers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries as well.

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