Majestic Elephant Plush Toy

Elephant Plush Toy

Elephant plush toy as a gift to your loved ones. This elephant plush toy is about 23 cm in height from tip to leg and 15cm in length and 10cm in width. This elephant is blowing its trunk, giving it a majestic look. It’s different from another version of elephant plush toy here.

Batik Elephant Plush Toy

This elephant stuffed toy  is made of 100% cotton fabric with polyester filling. It looks great with colourful batik. It can also be made with craft fabric.

This elephant stuffed toy’s eyes are sewn with black button. The ears have sponge filling.

Brand woven label can be sewn on the back of the elephant plush toy. This is great for retailers or SME who wants to sell this batik stuff toy. We do plush toy for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and export to other countries as well.

Contact us to start your own custom plush toy today.

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