Dolce Huggable Plush

Dolce Huggable Plush Toy Made of Baby Pre-Loved Clothes

These adorable huggable plush toys are made of baby or toddler’s pre-loved clothes. It’s a very sentimental gift to your precious little one. Imagine using what your kids used to wear now eternalise into plush toy that they will love forever.

The huggable plush toy made of baby pre-loved clothes measures about 25cm in height, 13cm in in width.

It’s head is made of short fleece in matching colours. It’s eyes are glued securely onto the face. The mouth is hand sewn on its face.

The torso is made using baby pre-loved clothes. We will work with whatever you have. Two or three pieces can be combined to make an interesting huggable soft toy.

The name of your kid is embroidered onto the huggable plush toy made of baby pre-loved clothes to give an extra personalized touch.

If you want to order one pleaseĀ Contact us. We’re very sure your kids are going to love them.

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