Batik Turtle Soft Toy

Batik Turtle Soft Toy


Batik turtle soft toy custom made perfect for those who loves turtles. Our turtle is an endangered specie. We use batik and turtle soft toy to make this perfect combination to educated people about the preservation of the endangered animals and at the same time preserve the natural heritage.

The batik turtle soft toy measures about 28cm in length, 28cm in width. The front leg is about 13 cm long and the hind leg about 7 cm long. It also has cute little tail measuring about 4cm.

This batik turtle plush toy is made with batik. Big black buttons are use to used for the turtle plush toy eyes. It is soft and cuddly. If you care about turtle, this one should be part of your collection.


Please Contact us if you want to get this batik turtle plush toy or turtle soft toy. We can work with variety of fabric for your plush toy and can also put your woven label (branding) on it as well. We will advise you how to go about making your own turtle soft toy and suggest suitable materials to use.

We custom made soft toy or stuffed toy for customers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries as well.

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