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Joey Yim discovered her passion for sewing projects when she began decorating her home and altering clothes. Along the way, she picked up the art of making teddy bears and started to experiment with various designs. Soon, family members and friends began asking her to make plush toys as gifts. Now, what began as a hobby has grown into BeeHum Crafts, operated out from her home in Kuala Lumpur, offering handmade custom plush toys and other general sewing services. Because our overheads are low, we are able to offer our services at affordable prices.

BeeHum Crafts makes handmade customized plush toy for customers primarily via online. To date, BeeHum plushies are not only sold locally, but have reached customers as far as Hong Kong and Australia. Using various tools and materials, Joey and her dedicated designers produce each plush toy by hand, working off customer preferences, to create a final product.

BeeHum Crafts strives to grow organically by offering more quality handmade products, and arts, crafts and sewing materials. Besides making in-house designed soft toys, we are able to build simple plush toy prototype as well as general sewing services. Please read the description of our services here. As BeeHum Crafts grows, we welcome independent artists to join us in our quests.

Why BeeHum

We can make a unique handmade plush toy based on your preferences and add-ons.
We can make a plush toy out of your drawing or picture.
We have successfully delivered over 1000+ plush toys to satisfied customers and businesses across multiple countries.
We understand your need for personal attention to create a unique sentimental souvenir for your loved ones. That's why we provide you with personal attention so that you have a unique experience with us.
We believe custom handmade merchandises do not need to be expensive so we have wide pricing range to suit your needs.
There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ). We understand that SME would love to prototype and start with small batches, that's why we are here to help.